Tantura is a fishermen's village situated in the heart of a seashore that in the past was considered the central port of the Middle East. 

Few years ago we arrived from Tantura to Lisbon on our honey moon and it was a love from first sight! 

This love of ours is weaved into another old passion we carry in our hearts - the love of cooking. This love affair started awhile ago in tiny  homely kitchens of our grandmothers-those safe harbors of our childhood, always filled with memories of other shores, memories from Iraq, Tunisia, Romania, Poland. 

The quest after old recipes of home cooking and their pitch perfect modern interpretation became our private journey. We serve  the best of treasures we discover in our own harbor, the home port we build here, together, in Tantura in a Lisbon. 

So come visit us in our home port -Tantura

We"ll be happy to host you!

Elad and Itamar 

About Tantura 


credit: Mário João